Super Simple Songs真人趣味学习视频《Caitie’s Classroom》全集打包下载

Caitie’s Classroom官方简介:

Caitie’s Classroom is an educational and fun kids show that both children and parents love! Join Caitie in the classroom where we sing, dance, learn, explore, play, and create together! Each episode explores a theme with activities that help shape children’s knowledge, skills, and imagination. There is always something fun happening in Caitie’s Classroom!

Caitie’s Classroom 是一个教育和有趣的儿童节目,孩子和父母都喜欢!在我们一起唱歌、跳舞、学习、探索、玩耍和创造的课堂中加入 Caitie’s !每集都通过有助于塑造儿童知识、技能和想象力的活动探索一个主题。Caitie’s Classroom总有有趣的事情发生!

图片[1]-Super Simple Songs真人趣味学习视频《Caitie’s Classroom》全集打包下载-咿呀起跑线
图片[2]-Super Simple Songs真人趣味学习视频《Caitie’s Classroom》全集打包下载-咿呀起跑线

01 – Live Show(65集)

001 Baby Shark!.mp4
002 A Snowy Adventure!.mp4
003 Brush Your Teeth.mp4
004 Counting.mp4
005 Let’s Get Ready.mp4
006 Listen Listen! What’s that sound!.mp4
007 Colors.mp4
008 Creepy Crawly Bugs!.mp4
009 Animals!.mp4
010 Spring!.mp4
011 Pizza Party!.mp4
012 Ice Cream.mp4
013 Dinosaurs.mp4
014 Butterflies!.mp4
015 Pets.mp4
016 Friends.mp4
017 Frogs.mp4
018 Art.mp4
019 Summer.mp4
020 Back to School.mp4
021 Bees!.mp4
022 Let’s Clean Up!.mp4
023 Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving!.mp4
024 Construction.mp4
025 Apples.mp4
026 Autumn.mp4
027 Halloween.mp4
028 Ants.mp4
029 Sink or Float.mp4
030 Bath Time!.mp4
031 Sing Along Request Show!.mp4
032 Cookies!.mp4
033 Merry Christmas!.mp4
034 Pirates!.mp4
035 Magnets!.mp4
036 Music.mp4
037 Bedtime.mp4
038 Dance.mp4
039 Stars & Moon.mp4
040 Rain.mp4
041 Ducks.mp4
042 Opposites.mp4
043 Family.mp4
044 Wind.mp4
045 Rocks.mp4
046 Community Helpers.mp4
047 Trees.mp4
048 The Five Senses.mp4
049 Dinosaurs.mp4
050 Our Favourite Things.mp4
051 Summer!.mp4
052 Camping.mp4
053 Ways To Get Around.mp4
054 Let’s Play A Game!.mp4
055 Fun with Colors.mp4
056 Birds.mp4
057 Let’s Make A Jack o’Lantern.mp4
058 Halloween Party.mp4
059 Fun in the Classroom.mp4
060 Great Big World.mp4
061 Trying New Things.mp4
062 Beautiful Bugs.mp4
063 Get Up And Move.mp4
064 Number Fun.mp4
065 Christmas Time.mp4

图片[3]-Super Simple Songs真人趣味学习视频《Caitie’s Classroom》全集打包下载-咿呀起跑线

02 – Crafts(14集)

001 Baby Shark Craft.mp4
002 Learn How to Build A Bubble Wrap Snowman Craft!.mp4
003 Let’s Make A Lion Craft!.mp4
004 Make a Tissue paper Butterfly Craft.mp4
005 Let’s Make A Glitter Rainbow.mp4
006 Rock Bugs.mp4
007 Tissue Paper Tree.mp4
008 Bean Bag Pizza Toss.mp4
009 Dinosaur Scratch Card.mp4
010 Let’s Make Friendship Necklaces.mp4
011 Symmetrical Butterfly Painting.mp4
012 Let’s Make Bird Feeders.mp4
013.Here Comes The Fire Truck Play Set.mp4
014.Let’s Make A Valentine’s Day Card.mp4

图片[4]-Super Simple Songs真人趣味学习视频《Caitie’s Classroom》全集打包下载-咿呀起跑线

03 – Songs(27集)

001-Little Robin Redbreast.mp4
002-Hickory Dickory Dock.mp4
003-The Itsy Bitsy Spider.mp4
004-Walking In The Jungle.mp4
005-I See Something Blue.mp4
006-I-m A Little Snowman.mp4
007-This Is The Way.mp4
008-Brush Your Teeth.mp4
009-Little Snowflake.mp4
010-10 Little Fishies.mp4
011-Sing The Baby Shark Song With Real Sharks At The Aquarium.mp4
012-Rock Scissors Paper.mp4
013-The Ice Cream Song.mp4
014-I Have A Pet.mp4
015-Here We Go Looby Loo.mp4
016 I Like To Ride My Bicycle.mp4
017 Baby Shark.mp4
018 Here Is The Beehive.mp4
019.What’s Your Name.mp4
020.Goodbye Song.mp4
021.A Sailor Went To Sea.mp4
022.Down In The Deep Blue Sea.mp4
023.Red Light, Green Light.mp4
024.Let’s Go For A Walk Outside.mp4
025.Everything Is Going To Be Alright.mp4
026.My Yellow Car.mp4
027.Head Shoulders Knees And Toes.mp4

图片[5]-Super Simple Songs真人趣味学习视频《Caitie’s Classroom》全集打包下载-咿呀起跑线

04 – Let’s Learn(32集)

001.Practice Counting with Caitie.mp4
002.Learn Colors with Amazing Robot Fish!.mp4
003.Learn Colors With Magic Snow!.mp4
004.Why It’s Important To Brush Your Teeth!.mp4
005.Brush Those Germs Away!.mp4
006.Learn Shapes With Snowflakes.mp4
007.How Many Teeth Do You See.mp4
008.Learn Animal Sounds!.mp4
009.Counting Steps With Fingerpaints & The Bumble Nums!.mp4
010.Find The Matching Butterflies in the Discovery Bin!.mp4
011.Learn Colors with Surprise Eggs.mp4
012.We’re Going On A Color Hunt!.mp4
013.Learn Sounds With Sound Tubes.mp4
014.Playing With Colored Water.mp4
015.Playing With Gooey Worms.mp4
016.Counting With Bugs.mp4
017.Guess What Animal.mp4
018.Let’s Paint Zebra Stripes.mp4
019.Where Do These Animals Live.mp4
020.Animal Puppet Show.mp4
021.What Goes On A Pizza.mp4
022.How Many Eggs Do You See.mp4
023.Let’s Play Caitie’s Pizza.mp4
024.Counting Ice Cream Scoops.mp4
025.Digging For Dinosaurs.mp4
026.Friendship Quilt.mp4
027.What Animal Do You See.mp4
028.Let’s Play Hide & Seek.mp4
029.What Dinosaur Is This.mp4
030.Let’s Match Butterfly Wings.mp4
031.Let’s Find Opposites In The Park.mp4
032.Let’s Learn About Trees.mp4

图片[6]-Super Simple Songs真人趣味学习视频《Caitie’s Classroom》全集打包下载-咿呀起跑线

05 – Let’s Pretend(2集)

Let’s Pretend To Be An Astronaut!.rar
Let’s Pretend to be Butterflies.rar

图片[7]-Super Simple Songs真人趣味学习视频《Caitie’s Classroom》全集打包下载-咿呀起跑线

06 – 22-Minute Episodes(28集)

001.New Year’s Eve Countdown with Caitie and Tobee.mp4
002.First Day of School.mp4
003.Dance Party.mp4
004.The Magnificent Night Sky.mp4
005.Spectacular Snow.mp4
006.All About Art.mp4
007.Froggy Fun.mp4
008.ROAR Dinosaurs.mp4
009.Yummy Yummy Pizza.mp4
010.Healthy Smiles.mp4
011.Wonderful Wind.mp4
012.Magical Magnets.mp4
013.Beautiful Butterflies.mp4
014.Count With Me.mp4
015.Halloween Fun.mp4
016.Underwater Animal Adventure.mp4
017.Colors Colors Colors.mp4
018.Staying Clean & Healthy.mp4
019.Amazing Bugs.mp4
020.Let’s Go Camping.mp4
021.Christmas Sing-Along Special.mp4
022.Construction Trucks.mp4
023.Fantastic Fruit.mp4
024.Ducks, Ducks, Ducks.mp4
025.Marvelous Music.mp4
026.Bedtime Routine.mp4
027.Community Helpers.mp4
028.Buzzing Bees.mp4

图片[8]-Super Simple Songs真人趣味学习视频《Caitie’s Classroom》全集打包下载-咿呀起跑线

07 – Let’s Go On A Field Trip(33集)

001.Learn All About Sharks & Sing Baby Shark at the Aquarium!.mp4 189.71M
002.A Snowy Adventure & Looking at Snowflakes Up Close.mp4 34.87M
003.A Visit To The Dentist!.mp4 59.24M
004.Let’s Get A Haircut!.mp4 60.33M
005.Visit A Butterfly Conservatory!.mp4 84.79M
006.Let’s Get Some Ice Cream.mp4 73.74M
007.Let’s Find Some Bugs.mp4 82.49M
008.Caitie Celebrates Glenn Gould’s Birthday with Cello Player Daniel Hass!.mp4 91.88M
009.Let’s Make A Pizza.mp4 89.75M
010.Dinosaur Adventure.mp4 113.38M
011.Caitie visits Emma & Lachy from The Wiggles backstage!.mp4 107.89M
012.Humane Society Field Trip.mp4 120.64M
013.Let’s Make Cookies.mp4 64.25M
014.Let’s Learn About Bees.mp4 106.37M
015.Let’s Play At Diggerland.mp4 72.94M
016.Let’s Clean Up The Park.mp4 62.51M
017.Check Out This Giant Magnet!.mp4 51.46M
018.Let’s Find Opposites In The Park.mp4 54.54M
019.Come Meet Young Musicians.mp4 75.50M
020.Let’s Learn Contemporary Dance.mp4 148.50M
021.Come Meet Jessye Norman Students.mp4 86.02M
022.Learn About Wind Farms.mp4 68.90M
023.Let’s Go On A Color Hunt!.mp4 55.19M
024.Let’s Visit The Fire Station.mp4 62.40M
025.Our Favorite Field Trips.mp4 110.59M
026.Let’s Take A Walk In The Woods.mp4 116.31M
027Let’s Go to The Toronto Railway Museum.mp4 100.03M
028.Let’s Go To The Beach.mp4 152.16M
029.Caitie Visits Bird Kingdom.mp4 126.85M
030.Tobee Goes Camping.mp4 113.76M
031.Dinosaur Discoveries.mp4 70.94M
032.Let’s Find A Christmas Tree!.mp4 127.06M
033.The Twelve Trees Of Christmas.mp4 42.57M

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