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【Little Angel-Animal Songs】基本信息:

动画名称:Little Angel-Animal Songs
动画语言:英文发音 内嵌英语特效字幕
【Little Angel-Animal Songs】播放截图:
Little Angel小天使英语启蒙儿歌之《Animal Songs动物儿歌》110集下载
Little Angel小天使英语启蒙儿歌之《Animal Songs动物儿歌》110集下载
Little Angel小天使英语启蒙儿歌之《Animal Songs动物儿歌》110集下载
Little Angel小天使英语启蒙儿歌之《Animal Songs动物儿歌》110集下载
【Little Angel-Animal Songs】儿歌目录:
001.10 Elephants on a Web  Counting Numbers.mp4
002.10 Little Elephants  Elephant Song.mp4
003.10 Little Elephants  Elephant Song.mp4
004.10 Little Fishies Song + More.mp4
005.Animal Friends in the Jungle  Five Little Ducks.mp4
006.Animals Around the World + More.mp4
007.Animals Around the World.mp4
008.Animals At The Zoo + More.mp4
009.Animals At The Zoo.mp4
010.Animal Sounds Game + More.mp4
011.Animal Sounds Song.mp4
012.Ants Go Marching One by One, Ants in my Pants, My Little Pony Fun.mp4
013.Ants in my Pants , Dance Along the Stinky Socks, Humpty Dumpty & more.mp4
014.Ants in my Pants  Animals & Bugs.mp4
015.Ants vs Bees, Humpty Dumpty Around the World, My Little Pony & more Fun.mp4
016.B-I-N-G-O Was His Name-O, Finger Family.mp4
017.Baa Baa Black Sheep 2 + More.mp4
018.Baa Baa Black Sheep 2.mp4
019.Baa Baa Black Sheep Makes A Mess + More.mp4
020.Baby Goes to Sleep.mp4
021.Baby Goes to the Aquarium  Baby Shark, Ocean Animals.mp4
022.Baby Goes to the Vet  Taking Care of Pets.mp4
023.Baby John’s Chicken Dance  Little Angel Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs.mp4
024.Baby John Explores The Ocean  + More.mp4
025.Baby John Visits Animals At The Zoo.mp4
026.Baby Kittens Have Lost Their Mittens  No No Safety Tips  + More.mp4
027.Baby Lion Lost His ROAR! .mp4
028.Baby Lion Sings Hakuna Matata.mp4
029.Baby Panda Goes to Potty.mp4
030.Baby Panda Got Lost!, Sharks vs. Dinosaurs + More.mp4
031.Baby Panda Lost His Mommy! .mp4
032.Baby Shark and Shark Family  Where are my Teeth.mp4
033.Baby Shark Celebrates Valentines Day, I Love You.mp4
034.Baby Shark Compilation  Baby Shark Finger Family.mp4
035.Baby Shark meets The Little Mermaid Princess.mp4
036.Baby T-Rex – Dinosaurs Song.mp4
037.Be Nice, Play Nice  Playground Song + More.mp4
038.Be Patient Be Nice  Good Habits.mp4
039.BINGO Finds the Missing Cow, Itsy Bitsy Spider, This is the Way & more .mp4
040.Bingo Is Sick + More.mp4
041.Bingo is Sick.mp4
042.Brush Your Teeth Baby John.mp4
043.Bugs, Bugs, Go Away Bugs! + More.mp4
044.Bugs Song.mp4
045.Camping Song  Baby John Sing Along + More.mp4
046.Camping Song.mp4
047.Cats vs Dogs.mp4
048.Cheeky Monkeys Song + More.mp4
049.Cheeky Monkeys Song.mp4
050.Did You See My Tail Help Me Find My Tale – Match Up Game.mp4
051.Down In The Jungle  Jungle Animals Song (3D Version) .mp4
052.Easter Bunny Special  Can you Find the Easter Eggs.mp4
053.Farm Animals (What Do They Do).mp4
054.Finger Family At The Park.mp4
055.Fire Safety With Baby John.mp4
056.Five Little Ducks  Humpty Dumpty, Itsy Bitsy Spider.mp4
057.Five Little Monkeys  Humpty Dumpty, Itsy Bitsy Spider.mp4
058.Fun Day at the Aquarium.mp4
059.Fun Day at the Beach.mp4
060.Fun Jungle Animals Songs Compilation  Have you Seen My Stripes.mp4
061.Itsy Bitsy Scary Spider, Halloween Songs Special .mp4
062.Itsy Bitsy Spider, Finger Family Peekaboo, Humpty Dumpty & more.mp4
063.Itsy Bitsy Spider  Five Little Monkeys and Best.mp4
064.Itsy BItsy Spider Learns New Languages, Humpty Dumpty, Ants in my Pants .mp4
065.Itsy Bitsy Spider Went Up the Water Spout.mp4
066.I Want to be a Vet  What Do You Do.mp4
067.Jungle Animals  Baby Monkey Peekaboo, Animal Song  + More.mp4
068.Jungle Animal Songs, No No, Where are my Stripes.mp4
069.Jungle Song  Lion Roar & Jungle Animals.mp4
070.Laughing Baby Monkey and Family.mp4
071.Let’s Do What Animals Do.mp4
072.Let’s Go to the Jungle Park.mp4
073.Let’s Go To The Zoo  Zoo Song.mp4
074.Let’s Go on a Lion Hunt.mp4
075.Lions vs. Tigers.mp4
076.Mary Had a Little Lamb  +More Nursery Rhymes &.mp4
077.My New Little Pet  Learning Song.mp4
078.No No, Brother Sister Song.mp4
079.No No Good Manners Song, Jungle Animals Peek-a-Boo, Itsy Bitsy & more.mp4
080.No No Swimming, Safety Tips with Milo the Monkey.mp4
081.No No Swimming Safety Tips  Peek A Boo.mp4
082.Oh No! Baby Got A Boo Boo!  No No Song.mp4
083.Oh No! Where are my Wolf Teeth.mp4
084.Old MacDonald had a Farm (Farm Animals Song).mp4
085.Popular Kids Songs 3D Compilation (VOL1)  Itsy Bitsy, No No +More.mp4
086.Quiet And Loud Animals.mp4
087.Shake Shake Your Body!.mp4
088.Sharks vs. Dinosaurs.mp4
089.Sounds Animals Make  Baby John Sing Along.mp4
090.Stinky Skunk Song + More.mp4
091.Stinky Skunk Song  Educational Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes By Little Angel.mp4
092.The Duck Song  The Duck Just Wants a Ball.mp4
093.Three Little Kittens  Humpty Dumpty.mp4
094.Three Piggies Sail the Sea  Pirate Song.mp4
095.We Are Baby Dinosaurs!.mp4
096.We Are Doing The Animal Dance.mp4
097.We are the Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Dance & more.mp4
098.We Are The Dinosaurs, Yum Yum Vegetables, Where is my Fin +More.mp4
099.We are the Dinosaurs  Baby T-Rex, 10 Little Dinosaurs.mp4
100.We are the Dinosaurs  Dinosaur Song.mp4
101.What Does the Animal Say  Animal Sounds.mp4
102.Where’s Baby John’s Suzie.mp4
103.Where’s My Bag (No No Song).mp4
104.Where Are My Baby Bunny Ears.mp4
105.Where are my Bunny Ears.mp4
106.Where is Baby Bear’s Honey.mp4
107.Where Is My Beak Jungle Animals  Puppies Safety Tips.mp4
108.Where is my Bum, Where are my Toes Pineapple Lost his Crown, Tiger Lost his Stripes.mp4
109.Where Is My Horn Cars, Trucks, Animals, Puppy and more.mp4
110.Zoo Song  Fun with Animals.mp4
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