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《Carl's Car Wash卡尔洗车间》全集高清版内嵌英文字幕下载-咿呀起跑线

《Carl’s Car Wash卡尔洗车间》全集高清版内嵌英文字幕下载

Carl’s Car Wash is a suds-sational cartoon for kids who love all kinds of transportation. Tune in each episode to see what kinds of vehicles take a trip through Carl’s fantastic ...
Super Simple Songs英语儿歌(MP4视频+MP3音频)全集打包下载-咿呀起跑线

Super Simple Songs英语儿歌(MP4视频+MP3音频)全集打包下载

咿呀起跑线独家同步super simple songs官网,更新super simple songs英语儿歌,所有儿歌均内嵌英文字幕,方便观看!所有儿歌均提取了配套MP3音频文件,方便磨耳朵使用!视频均为MP4格式,适用于...
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Super Simple Songs英语儿歌内嵌中英字幕版百度网盘下载-咿呀起跑线

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Super Simple Songs英语儿歌内嵌中英字幕版百度网盘下载

“Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are?” Lulu the Owl and Juno the Star become fast friends in this Super Simple version of one of the world’s most popular nur...
Ten In The Bed - Super Simple Songs英语儿歌内嵌中英字幕版百度网盘下载-咿呀起跑线

Ten In The Bed – Super Simple Songs英语儿歌内嵌中英字幕版百度网盘下载

Practice counting down from 10 to 1 with the classic, “Ten In The Bed.” How many bears are left each time? And who is that in the window? It looks like some friends have come for...
The Months Chant - Super Simple Songs英语儿歌内嵌中英字幕版百度网盘下载-咿呀起跑线

The Months Chant – Super Simple Songs英语儿歌内嵌中英字幕版百度网盘下载

This Super Simple chant is perfect for practicing the months of the year and their order. Follow the call and response the first time through, and then sing along with the second v...
S-A-N-T-A - Super Simple Songs英语儿歌内嵌中英字幕版百度网盘下载-咿呀起跑线

S-A-N-T-A – Super Simple Songs英语儿歌内嵌中英字幕版百度网盘下载

We hope you enjoy this BINGO-style tribute to our favorite jolly fellow, Santa Claus. S-A-N-T-A基本信息: 歌曲名称: S-A-N-T-A 视频类型:儿歌 动画视频时长:00:02:49视频大小:42MB视...
BINGO - Super Simple Songs英语儿歌内嵌中英字幕版百度网盘下载-咿呀起跑线

BINGO – Super Simple Songs英语儿歌内嵌中英字幕版百度网盘下载

“There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name-o…” Everyone loves the BINGO song. This Super Simple version adds clapping, patting your legs, patting your head, patting yo...
Row Row Row Your Boat - Super Simple Songs英语儿歌内嵌中英字幕版百度网盘下载-咿呀起跑线

Row Row Row Your Boat – Super Simple Songs英语儿歌内嵌中英字幕版百度网盘下载

With young learners, use the video to discuss weather and seasons…talk about all the different things you see in each scene. With older learners, have a discussion-based lesson ab...
Hickory Dickory...Crash! - Super Simple Songs英语儿歌内嵌中英字幕版百度网盘下载-咿呀起跑线

Hickory Dickory…Crash! – Super Simple Songs英语儿歌内嵌中英字幕版百度网盘下载

It’s “Hickory Dickory Dock” Super Simple style! Because of the “surprise” ending, this video is recommended for children 3 and up ^_^. Hickory Dickory…Crash!基本信息: 歌曲名...
Five Little Monkeys - Super Simple Songs英语儿歌内嵌中英字幕版百度网盘下载-咿呀起跑线

Five Little Monkeys – Super Simple Songs英语儿歌内嵌中英字幕版百度网盘下载

This original song based on a classic nursery chant has been used by parents for generations to teach a valuable lesson…little monkeys should never jump on the bed! (Nor should li...